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European Dental Center – Amman; First Temos certified dental clinic in Middle East EDC is the first dental clinic in Jordan and even Middle East that received the Temos Quality Seal “Quality in International Dental Care”. Congratulations! TEMOS is an international certification that acknowledges we provide high quality standards of dental services and non-clinical services […]

Early Childhood Caries is defined as the presence of one. Or more decayed (non-cavitated or cavitated lesions), missing (due to caries). Or filled tooth surfaces in any primary tooth in a preschool-age child between birth and 71 months of age. Early Childhood Caries The term “Severe Early Childhood Caries” refers to “atypical” or “progressive”, “acute” […]

Crown Lengthening Periodontal plastic surgery known as Crown Lengthening involves removing gum tissue or bone to expose a greater area of the tooth structure. This procedure serves cosmetic purposes, like reducing the appearance of a “gummy smile,” or prosthetic purposes, such as exposing more teeth to support a crown or a filling. Gummy Smile Gummy […]

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The European Dental Center was established in (2006) under the management of Dr. Mohanned Kiswani and a number of Jordanian dentists and specialists. That’s why the team of the European Dental Center is considered one of the best and distinct teams in the dental field in Jordan.

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