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Best Dental Implant Doctor In Jordan

Dr. Muhannad Al-Kiswani is the best dental implant doctor in Jordan. Dental implants in clinics require a lot of experience and knowledge, and this is what distinguishes Dr. Muhannad Al-Kiswani, Director of the European Dental Center. 30 years of experience after graduating from dental school, Continuing to learn, train, and keep pace with modern technology in dental sciences.

Why is Dr. Muhannad Al-Kiswani the best dental implant doctor in Jordan?

Several features of the doctor praised him for becoming the best dental implant doctor, including:

  • Dr. Muhannad is distinguished by providing many dental services, such as dental implants, according to the latest technologies and devices. To ensure the best results with reviewers.
  • Dr. Muhannad Al-Kiswani obtained a Master’s degree in Health Service Sciences from the College of Surgeons in London.
  • Dr. Mohannad is known for his extensive certificates and experience in the field of dentistry and dental implants.
  • He founded and Directed of the European Dental Center, which is distinguished in its services, especially dental implants of all types; Computer guided dental implants, or immediate dental implants -48 hours-.
  • Dr. Muhannad Al-Kiswani European Dental Center is known for its constant excellence. It is famous for providing comprehensive, high-quality services with the best team of doctors and specialists.
  • Member of the European Society of Aesthetic Dentistry.
  • International lecturer in digital dentistry and digital smile.
  • Dr. Muhannad believes in ethical practices while practicing his profession.
  • The doctor ensures patient participation in decision-making throughout the treatment journey to determine appropriate treatment protocol decisions, most appropriate for each individual.
  • Dr. Muhannad is one of the mentors and holders of the medical content message. It provides medical information about dental implants and other important information in dentistry on its social media platforms.

Dental implants in the European Center

The European Center is the best dental center in Jordan, especially in dental implants and cosmetic dentistry. It provides comprehensive dental treatment services.
The European Center holds an accreditation certificate from a German company specialized in implementing the Sky implant system. The surgical guide for dental implants enables the doctor to know the most appropriate place for the implant within the bone and to obtain the best results.
The European Center also relies on proving the implant with an implant-specific passport that contains all the information related to the implant. To preserve all information in case of any emergency in the future.
The European Center provides a lot of information about caring for teeth after implantation. Or caring for dental health in general. You can view patient reviews and valuable information regarding dental implants from the European Dental Center’s YouTube channel, here.
European Dental Centre; He holds the German TIMOS accreditation in medical quality for six years in a row, 2015-2022.

Best Dental Implant Doctor In Jordan dr. Mohannad Alkiswani
Dr. Muhannad Al-Kiswani is the best dental implant doctor in Jordan. Dental implants in clinics require a lot of experience and knowledge

Do not hesitate to consult Dr. Muhannad Al-Kiswani; an International lecturer in digital dentistry, occlusion, digital smile, snoring, and sleep apnea dentistry.
30 years of development and excellence and thousands of success stories that tell the path of Dr. Muhannad Al-Kiswani and his specialized medical team.

You can see our clients experiments in EDC clinic.

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The European Dental Center was established in (2006) under the management of Dr. Mohanned Kiswani and a number of Jordanian dentists and specialists. That’s why the team of the European Dental Center is considered one of the best and distinct teams in the dental field in Jordan.

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