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ميزات زراعة الأسنان؛ أسنان مشابهة للأسنان الطبيعية denture won't slip

Wouldn’t you like to eat a sandwich knowing your partial or full denture won’t slip? Go to sleep each night without removing your teeth? Smile with confidence?

denture won’t slip

Then dental implants may be the solution for you. Dentists have successfully performed dental implants for many years, enabling thousands of people to eat, smile, and speak without worrying about dentures slipping or gaps showing from missing teeth. Whether your missing one or all of your teeth, you too may find that dental implants can give you comfort and confidence again.

In use for many years, dental implants are effective, natural-looking replacements for missing teeth. After a thorough evaluation, your dentist surgically prepares your jaw and makes your substitute teeth. Dental implants can take the form of: single tooth replacement, posterior replacements, anterior replacement, full lower replacement or a full upper replacement.

Dental implants feel just a “normal” tooth because you recover the “biting sensation”, you can floss between your teeth, it looks very natural and, since it’s an “artificial tooth” it will never get a cavity!

In the long term, a single implant can be more esthetic and easier to keep clean than a bridge. Gums can recede around a bridge, leaving a visible defect when the metal base. Or collar of the bridge becomes exposed. Also, the cement holding the bridge in place can dissolve, allowing bacteria to decay the teeth that anchor the bridge needing to replace the entire bridge.

European Dental Center; best dental clinic in Jordan provide this information about denture won’t slip.

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The European Dental Center was established in (2006) under the management of Dr. Mohanned Kiswani and a number of Jordanian dentists and specialists. That’s why the team of the European Dental Center is considered one of the best and distinct teams in the dental field in Jordan.

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