health and diabetes Diabetes and proper dental care

Diabetes and proper dental care; If you have diabetes, it is more important than ever to take your dental care seriously and practice excellent oral hygiene.

Diabetes and proper dental care

These recommendations will help for Diabetes and proper dental care:

Manage your diabetes

First and foremost, it is vital to control your high blood sugar in accordance with your physician’s instructions — not only for the sake of your oral health, but your overall health. With properly controlled blood sugar, you reduce your risk of developing gingivitis and other oral health issues.

Practice good at-home oral hygiene

This means brushing at least twice a day AND flossing. At a minimum, brush your teeth in the morning and at night, but after meals and snacks if you can.

Use a soft toothbrush to avoid injuring your gums.

Don’t neglect flossing; because it helps to remove plaque below the gum line and between teeth.

Visit the dentist regularly

While it is important to see the dentist every six months even if you don’t have diabetes, it is even more crucial to have a professional teeth cleaning and dental exam if you have the disease.

Tell your dentist that you have diabetes

If you were recently diagnosed with diabetes, be sure to let us know as soon as possible, and remind us at every appointment Managing diabetes takes effort, not only in watching your diet, exercising, monitoring your blood sugar levels, and taking your medication, but obtaining proper dental care.

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