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PAD(photo activation disinfection)

European Dental Center always searches and follows all the developed technology such as PAD (photo activation disinfection) in the world because you are important to us.

PAD(photo activation disinfection)

As we say how we can get a fixed house without strong foundations?

Then this look like the tooth and periodontal tissue, firstly we must care of periodontium to reach to the perfect appearance and one of the most recent perfect technology that what’s called Smart Pad which is an innovative technology that utilizes two non-toxic components, a photo-activating liquid and an LED light source to selectively tag and destroy cariogenic bacteria and periodontal pathogens.

device fields

We use it as disinfect device in different fields:

  • Prophylaxis.
  • Periodontics.
  • Implantology.
  • Endodontic.
  • Restorative dentistry.

How to make a Smart Pad?

The device consists of two main components: the blue dye, which specifically targets bacteria, and the second component is the red light, which activates the blue liquid, leading to the killing of these bacteria without harming any other tissues or natural cells.

Moreover, the use of a Smart Pad does not cause any pain and has no side effects.

Benefits of using a smart pad for the patient

There are many benefits to using the device in the dental clinic, including:

  •  Completely painless treatment.
  •  Reduced need for anesthesia.
  •  Almost negligible risk of inflammation recurrence.
  •  Reduced likelihood of needing nerve removal in cases of deep decay.
  •  Lower risk of tooth loss.
  •  Increased cooperation from children during treatment.
  •  Ensured success of nerve treatment.
  •  Nerve treatment in a single session.
  •  More successful and guaranteed results in treating peri-implantitis.
  •  More successful treatment of gum pockets and ensured results.
European Dental Center; best dental clinic in Jordan provide this information about PAD(photo activation disinfection).

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