Blood Pressure Medications May Affect Your Oral Health

Some Blood Pressure Medications May Affect Your Oral Health; If you’re taking medication to regulate your blood pressure. you may be familiar with some of the general side effects, like nausea, drowsiness or dizziness. But some blood pressure drugs might also cause complications with your oral health.

Some Blood Pressure Medications May Affect Your Oral Health

One class of drugs, particularly used for blood pressure regulation, demonstrates this truth.

People use calcium channel blockers (CCBs) to regulate blood pressure by dilating (relaxing) blood vessels, which makes it easier for the heart to pump blood. Doctors often prescribe them to patients who can’t tolerate beta blockers, another common blood pressure drug.

Besides other general side effects. CCBs can also cause gingival hyperplasia (gum overgrowth) and mouth dryness. The former condition occurs when the gum tissues grow and extend beyond their normal size over the teeth. Besides pain and discomfort, hyperplasia creates an abnormal appearance which can be embarrassing.

Poor hygiene habits, which give rise to periodontal (gum) disease, are also associated with hyperplasia development from CCB use, as indicated by research findings.

A condition of less than normal saliva flow defines mouth dryness. Besides discomfort, the condition may increase your risk of dental disease. saliva is a key part in keeping bacterial levels low and maintaining the mineral content of enamel. Inadequate saliva flow can’t maintain this balance. which increases the bacterial population in the mouth and the risk of infection leading to gum disease or tooth decay.

Avoid Blood Pressure Medications May Affect Your Oral Health

To avoid both of these side effects. you may need more frequent dental visits. especially if you’re displaying symptoms of dental disease. Studies have found that frequent dental visits to remove bacterial plaque. and (hardened plaque deposits) may significantly reduce gum overgrowth in patients taking a CCB. You should also maintain a recommended daily regimen of oral hygiene brushing and flossing)).

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