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Dr. Iman Nazzal د. إيمان نزال أفضل طبيب أشعة أسنان في الأردن

Dr. Iman Nazzal

Dental Radiology

Opening Time

Saturday– Wednesday 9:00 – 6:00 pm
Thursday                        9:00 – 5:00 pm
Friday                              Official Holiday

Call: +962797377375
e-Mail: info@eurodentalcenter.com
Address: Champs-elysee Complex Swaifieh, Paris Street, Amman-Jo

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Dr. Iman Nazzal

Co Director of the European Dental Center, I have helped Dr. Muhannad Al-Kiswani to reach excellence. Inspired by the center’s vision, it has pioneered various latest technologies in the field of dentistry.

Technique 100%
Empathy 100%
Operation 100%

Pediatric Specialist

  • Bachelor of Dental Medicine and Oral Surgery - University of Jordan 2002-2007
  • Master of Pediatric Dentistry - University of Science and Technology - Jordan 2010-2013
  • GPS - Master and Certified Trainer in Digital Smile Design from GPS/Canada - 2014
  • Implant Comprehensive One Year Course in Dental Implants /Jordanian Dental Association - 2017
  • PG Cert: Resident in Dental Cone Beam CT Radiological Interpretation - King’s College – London - 2023/2024
  • Deputy Director of Asnan Portal (asnanPortal.com)
  • 3D Smile Design Consultant (GPS) in the Middle East
  • Dr. Iman Nazzal is the first to obtain the Digital Smile Design (GPS) certification in the Middle East
  • Deputy Director of the European Dental Center - Jordan.
  • Responsible for international programs for postgraduate studies and continuing education in the Faculty of Electronic Dentistry - Germany.
  • Lecturer in the University of Jordan - Faculty of Dentistry

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