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Wouldn’t you like to eat a sandwich knowing your partial or full denture won’t slip? Go to sleep each night without removing your teeth? Smile with confidence? denture won’t slip Then dental implants may be the solution for you. Dentists have successfully performed dental implants for many years, enabling thousands of people to eat, smile, […]

NOW… Only at the European Dental Center You can design and see your future smile before the dentist starts working on your teeth by “3D smile design”. 3D smile design Dentists use Dental GPS to precisely define the height, width, shape, colors and textures of teeth. Midline position, desired smile line specification. And other important […]

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The European Dental Center was established in (2006) under the management of Dr. Mohanned Kiswani and a number of Jordanian dentists and specialists. That’s why the team of the European Dental Center is considered one of the best and distinct teams in the dental field in Jordan.

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